WebFaction Web Hosting Review

WebFaction started out as python-hosting.com. Since the day that they first started out, it has been 7 years of web-hosting experience and as many as 30,000 sites hosted under their belt.

Just like rival companies iPage and Bluehost, WebFaction has only one web hosting plan. WebFaction initially had 4 plans but decided to do away with just 1 plan in conjunction with their 7th birthday in January 2011.


The price remains the same as their previous “Shared 1” plan but you’ll get 100GB worth of disk space and 500GB worth of bandwidth, both of which are upgradeable. Prices range from as low as $5.50 per month if you sign up for a 5-year payment plan to $9.50 if you opt to pay monthly. If you aren’t confident of their services, you can start paying for it monthly and then switch to an annual plan. The discounts will then be applicable.

Just like every other web hosting company, WebFaction has its pros and cons.

Why WebFaction is Good?

  1. Speedy sites

    Besides putting less websites on a server, WebFaction also uses Nginx to serve static content. Nginx is a high-performance open-source HTTP server, an IMAP/POP3 proxy server and also a reverse proxy. So while Apache takes care of your dynamic content, Nginx works best for your static content.

  2. 50 one-click installers

    Users with or without technical knowledge will benefit from these installers. A wide range of applications such as Django, WordPress, Drupal and Rails can be installed easily in the control panel without the need to install and configure databases manually, download and upload files and etc.

  3. Cost-saving multiple machines account management

    This web host allows you to manage your account on multiple machines from the control panel. By doing so, you cut costs compared to having dedicated servers. How you can do this is to deploy your applications to several machines and WebFaction’s system will then perform auto-balancing between the machines automatically.

  4. You get the latest tools, else you can DIY

    WebFaction builds and tests their own RPMs in order to provide their customers with the latest tools. If something you require isn’t available, WebFaction provides the tools so that you can simply build and install it by yourself in the home directory.

  5. Software compatibility

    WebFaction’s services are able to run any software that runs on PHP, Python, Ruby, Perl or Java with MySql, Postgresql or sqlite.

  6. 60-day money back guarantee

    This time frame is longer than the 30 or 45 days that is given by most companies. Other web hosting companies who offer long money back guarantee periods are HostColor and HostGator at 45 days.

  7. Great support and network

    WebFaction tries to reach out to their customers in many ways. They provide a link for their customers to login to their control panel and there is also a link and a search function for online documentation. Connect to other users and get help or feedback through the Q&A Community or support ticketing system. Get updated by reading the status and WebFaction updates at their status and main blogs respectively. If you need to get in touch with the customer support team, you can either chat with them live or send an email.

Why we dislike this Web Host?

  1. Costs more but offers less

    Even if I opt for 5-year plan (which I feel is a long time!), I’d still have to $5.50 monthly compared to iPage’s $4.50, which I can get without even having to be bonded for a period of time. What’s worse is that for this price, WebFaction only gives me 100GB of disk space and 500GB of bandwidth, and I’d have to pay an additional $5/month for 50GB and 300GB of extra disk space and bandwidth respectively. On the other hand, I would get both features unlimited if I had signed up with iPage. The same goes for the application memory. A case of paying more for less!

  2. No customer support line

    I am one of those who prefer to pick up the phone and speak to someone right away. Unfortunately they do not have a customer support number to call.

Editor’s Advice

Personally, I would rather go for iPage as they not only offer more for less, but they have added features that help to market a site, such as PayPal integration and Google AdWords, Google Webmaster Tools and Facebook advertising credits. These would be very useful indeed especially for an online entrepreneur.

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