WebhostingHub Review

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If you are new to web hosting or trying to look for a web host for the first time, you would probably be overwhelmed by the number of hosting providers you find online. Each is telling you that they are the best and why you should sign up with them. On top of trying to decide on which web hosting provider to sign up for, you would also need to determine which web hosting plan to get.

There’s so much information and many uncertainties e.g. does the web hosting provider really live up to their claims of reliable uptime and excellent support? Well, I have been through all these over the years and now, would like to use my experiences and knowledge to help you make a decision, an informed decision.


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In this article, I am going to highlight a relatively new web hosting provider, WebHostingHub. With a tagline “The Easiest Way To Get Online“, it’s hard not to pay attention to WebHostingHub. But how do they really fare? Are they average, one of the top hosting service provider or should they be ignored? Here’s what I found out about them.


WebHostingHub was registered in 2005 and they aimed to cater to the growing hosting demands of personal and small businesses websites. They are the sister company of InMotion Hosting.

Within a relatively short span of 7 years only, they have become one of the most respected hosting providers around. Take a look at the number of awards they have collected, from Best Blog Hosting to Best WordPress Hosting to Best Value Hosting. On top of that, there had been quite a lot of positive reviews on WebHostingHub too.

So are they as good as what these reviews say they are? Here’s a look at their performance reliability, features, support and of course, pricing.

Unlike a few hosting providers out there, WebHostingHub offers a variety of services, that includes shared web hosting, blog hosting eg WordPress and b2evolution hosting, cPanel hosting, domain names registration and even web design services.

When you sign up with them, you are bound to be able to benefit from cross-product services. We’ll have a look at this shortly.


  • Uptime Reliability

    This is probably your first question and I don’t blame you. You don’t want to be stuck with a hosting provider who provides unstable hosting.

    In WebHostingHub’s case, their uptime is simply excellent and is compatible with some of the bigger hosting providers who had been around longer. However, they do not offer an uptime guarantee but rest assured that their service is of international hosting providers’ standard. You see, in order to maintain this quality service, they only use 100% factory tested Dell servers!

  • Worry-free Transfers

    Now, it has been quite an accepted fact that when you transfer your website from one hosting provider to another, you may experience some downtime, from perhaps an hour or two to a day or more (horrors!). This has deterred many from transferring their hosting services even though they are not too happy with their current web host.

    But WebHostingHub offers a no-downtime transfer process, in which they provide you a temporary URL to upload your files, create your email accounts and so forth BEFORE the actual transfer to their server. In other words, you bring up your website at the temporary site while you sort out the transfer. Once everything is completed, you can then switch the nameservers to the new web host and your visitors and customers will not experience any hiccups at all!


  • Premium Website Builder

    With WebHostingHub, you get to use its Premium Website Builder, which helps you to create a website in a matter of minutes. Imagine over 500+ customizable templates and extra features ranging from adding animated Flash to building an online store to having the flexibility to add a blog, photo gallery, message book or guessbook.

    You would soon be creating a professional website without having to mess with codes. This is a great tool especially for beginners and for those who are not an expert in programming languages, or messing around with Adobe Photoshop!

  • Free Marketing Credits

    You will get the following marketing credits for free when you sign up with WebHostingHub:

    1. Free $125 Google AdWords credit (Highest from a web hosting company)
    2. Free $75 Bing / Yahoo! Search advertising

    These free advertising credits are really useful to kick start your marketing campaign on the search engine’s search result as well as websites related to yours. Google and Bing/Yahoo are 3 of the biggest search engines in the world and commands the most search traffic!

  • Free Domain Name

    Yes, you get a free domain name when you sign up with WebHostingHub. This will help you save $12.99, which is the cost of one .com domain per year if you wish to register separately at GoDaddy; or $38 if you choose Register.com. This is quite a saving, right?!

  • Free Trials

    As an additional benefit to their clients, WebHostingHub also offers free trials of a number of highly popular applications, among which are Mozy (leader in online backup), iContact (email and social marketing solution) and RingCentral (Cloud business phone system).

    This way, you can try them out before deciding which application (if any) to sign up for. Totally no obligations free trials.

  • Support

    Offering 24/7 customer support is quite a standard feature among web hosting providers these days. The same goes for WebHostingHub. They too, have round-the-clock US based customer support through live chat, email and support ticket system. What set their support team apart are the extensive knowledge and the willingness to go the extra mile to assist you, which I was thankful enough to experience!

WebhostingHub Pricing

  • Special Discount

    With all the great features above, you would be wondering how much you need to fork out. For now, you are able to subscribe to WebHostingHub’s shared hosting services for less than $5 per month, at a discounted $4.99 per month to be precise. That’s a very nominal fee to pay for the service and features that you will be getting.

    We have partnered with WebhostingHub to offer readers of this website (that’s you) a very special discount. $1 is slashed off every month from the hosting price, cutting the deal at $3.99 per month! This is a limited time offer only, so check out WebhostingHub before this deal ends!

    You do not need any coupon code for this discount. Just follow the links on this website and the discount will be applied automatically.

  • Money-Back Guarantee

    This 5-year old web host offers a 90-day money back guarantee.

    So should you decide to cancel the hosting service within this 90-day time, you get your money back with no question asked! Treat it as a free hosting trial. Test out their service for almost 3 months for free and judge for yourself whether it meets your requirements!

    Now, you need to realize that this money-back guarantee applies only to the hosting service portion. You will still need to pay for other additional services like the Free Domain Name or Dedicated IP fees, if you decided to cancel within 90-day. This is because these payments are for one year service to third parties.

    What if you decide to cancel after the first 90 days? In this case, you will get back an anytime pro-rated refund of your hosting fee that is not utilized.

Create a website quickly - in minutes!

Unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, unlimited websites, free domain name, reliable uptime, excellent support, free Google & Bing/Yahoo! search credits, 24/7 customer support and website builder. These are just some of the features that WebHostingHub is offering.

For the average personal and small business web owners, these are more than adequate for a stress-free hosting. So if you are looking for a reliable and affordable hosting provider, I highly recommend you to look no further than WebHostingHub. Besides, with the 90-day money back guarantee, what have you got to lose! If you are not completely happy with their services, you can cancel at anytime and get your fully refund. No questions will be asked.

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