Weebly Free vs Weebly Pro

If you are familiar with Weebly, you already know that it’s one of the leading free web hosting provider with a great website builder. If you haven’t heard of Weebly, it’s certainly worth checking out if you want a simple way to build a website.

Weebly - free web hosting

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Although Weebly is well known for being a free service, they also have an option to upgrade to Weebly Pro. This is hardly surprising, as the company needs some way to make a profit.

Weebly is free

Weebly is free. That’s absolutely true.

Their free version doesn’t include any forced advertising, so all the money they make comes from their Pro customers. Weebly Pro is not free. Of course, you aren’t going to sign up just to help Weebly make money; you want to know what the benefits will be for you.

You may not need to upgrade to Weebly Pro right now. There are certain advantages to doing so, but you have to figure out if it’s worth it to you. In this article, I’m going to explain the main differences between Weebly free and Weebly Pro versions so you can more easily make up your mind which is best for you.

Advantages of Weebly Pro

So if you get so much with a free Weebly account, what are the benefits of Weebly Pro? Here are some of the main ones:

  1. Build up to 10 Websites

    Weebly Pro - 10 websites

    This is one of the biggest benefits of having a pro account. Once you have a couple of sites under your belt, you may want to build more. The pro version gives you this option. You can build up to 10 websites!

  2. HD Video

    Weebly - HD video player

    With Weebly Pro, videos will be displayed using an HTML5 video player that provides HD quality for iPads and mobile phones as well as computers. This will show all of your videos in their best light. Great if you have high quality videos to showcase!

  3. Password Protection

    Password protected page

    You can password protect your entire site or certain pages when you upgrade to Weebly Pro. This gives you the ability to create special pages or sites that only certain people can see.

  4. Create Header Slideshows

    Header slideshows

    You can convert your static banner images into slideshows. You can edit this area by adding or removing images whenever you want.

  5. Upload Larger Files

    Increased file size

    With a free account, you cannot upload files that are larger than 10MB. With the Pro version, this goes all the way up to 250 MB, which means you can upload virtually any file you want.

  6. Add Site Search

    Site search

    If your site contains a lot of content, it can be useful to have a site search feature. This additional feature will help your website users find your content easily.

  7. Customize Your Footer

    Customized footer

    You can redesign the standard footer, including replacing the generic text “create a free website with Weebly” footer and replace it with anything you want. I recommend you to replace it with your company’s name or your product’s tagline.

  8. Audio Player

    Weebly audio player

    You can embed a really cool audio player with just one click of your mouse, giving you the ability to add any type of audio file you want such as music or podcasts. You can upload any MP3 file, which gives you another way to communicate with your audience.

  9. Expanded Traffic Stats

    Weebly stats

    While you get basic traffic stats with a free account, this is expanded with Weebly Pro. You can find out which search terms your visitors are using to find you and which of your pages are most popular, among others.

  10. $100 Advertising credit from Google AdWords

    Google advertising credit

    Yes, you will get $100 in additional advertising from Google AdWords! You can use this credit to advertise in Google and get more traffic to your site.

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons to consider upgrading to Weebly Pro. Whether it’s worth it to you depends on your needs as well as your budget. Weebly Pro costs about $100 per year. They also have a Starter plan that’s cheaper, which only includes limited features of Weebly Pro.

Editor’s Advice

We’ve looked at some of the benefits of upgrading to Weebly Pro. You can decide if it’s the right decision for you. If you don’t have a Weebly account at all, you may want to start off with the free version to try it out. This lets you set up one or two websites and still gives you plenty of features, all for FREE!

Click here to visit Weebly and create a free account. You do not need to upgrade and can use their free version for as long as you like.

If you’re a serious website builder or blogger, you will probably want to upgrade at some point. Of course, once you start paying for your Weebly account you could take the same money and get regular web hosting. On the other hand, Weebly is simpler and more user friendly in many ways that most hosting. Check out our previous article to see how easy it is to create a simple website with Weebly’s website builder.

Both the free and pro versions of Weebly are powerful tools for building websites quickly and easily. Weebly Pro offers some definite advantages, especially if you want to create multiple websites quickly. Upgrade if you need any of the features discussed above!

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