Weebly Themes Review

Weebly Free Web Hosting

Weebly is a very well-known free web hosting provider, and was listed in Times as one of the 50 best websites in 2007. Weebly offers an easy, quick and inexpensive basic toolkit to alleviate website building process – there is less effort and cost involved. Their “signature” feature is a drag-and-drop platform that leads to a very user-friendly interface – perfect for many website builders. In short, their free website builder is features-rich yet easy to use but is available for free!

Weebly web hosting

It might be hard to believe that you don’t have to pay anything at all to use its basic package; it is absolutely free! The only “price” you have to pay is to having a small Weebly ad placed in your website’s footer. That is certainly not a big problem, at least to me. However, if you would like to have more advanced features, you can opt for the Weebly Pro plan, which costs very reasonably – less than $5 a month.

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Weebly Themes

Website themes is one of the most important elements that give websites their very own unique characteristic as well as identity.

On the Themes page, you can see 28 Weebly templates arranged nicely. Of course Weebly has more than just 28 templates to choose from. At the bottom of that page are navigation links that will lead to the next set of templates. You can rate and comment on the themes, post feedback for the creators and vote for your favorite themes.

Weebly Theme Gallery

Near to the top of the page, there is “Submit a theme” button which as the name suggests, allows you to submit your theme design. If you are a web designer and can design some nice themes for Weebly, then this is a great option to allow your theme to be used by lots of Weebly websites! Isn’t that great?

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Free Weebly Themes

Overall, more than 100 themes are available for Weebly users. Themes listed under “Weebly Theme Gallery” are the most recent ones but if you prefer to see what the most popular themes are, you can click on the “Most Popular” button. On the left column of this page, there are the themes’ categories.

Listed among the categories are themes for business, blogs and weddings. Designs are also created to cater to the many preferences of users. Some users might go for light colors and others are fond of dark colors, so there is definitely a Weebly template that suits the taste. Other categories include templates for general purposes, education and religion, with colorful and simple vertical menus.

When you select a theme, you will see two functional buttons. One of them is “Preview”. Click on it and you will see how your website will look with that theme. The other button (or rather icon) will save the theme to your favorite designs list, which you can easily retrieve back in your account later.

My Favorite Weebly Themes


This template is categorized under light colors, personal and wedding, giving an indication of the sites that the template would be most suitable for. The design is clean and simple. At the very top, there is a navigational bar and is ivory black in color. This is followed by a header which is a white smoke colored section while the body area is the lightest grey with a white smoke square pasted on its center, where the blog content will be displayed.

Simple Weebly theme

All text on the page is aligned to the center of the layout, thus it leaves spaces on the left and right empty. There is a wedding photo in the header section where you can insert a photo accompanied by some text. I like this template because it is plain, simple and organized.

The light colors are friendly to eyes and it’s not crowded with unnecessary elements. It is common for personal or wedding blogs to contain a lot of photos. The light colors create a contrasting effect to the photos and since it’s not crowded, exploring the website would be an enjoyable experience for the readers!


If I were to set up a online business using Weebly, I will choose this template for my website. As simple as its name, the layout arrangement is simple and straight forward. The header doesn’t have space for a picture; it contains only text. You can have 7 bright striking color options you can choose to fill the header section. It gives advantage for you to highlight your keywords or tagline of your products or services to catch the attention of potential customers exploring your online store.

Weebly simple theme

The background color is dark, giving a good contrast to the bright content page. This helps readers to focus on the content and experience less interruption. Business-like, modern and professional – perfect to impress your customers.


Last but not least is the GoGreen template. The layout gives you a feeling of being suspended in the air among the clouds on a great blue sky. If you are a green and nature-loving person, then this template suits you well. The layout background is a drawing of white clouds against a pale blue sky, scroll down and you will see nicely cut and trimmed green grass on the earth. The template only has one section for the navigational bar and doesn’t provide a header area for us to insert any photos.

Weebly template

I personally like this template because it brings a sense of peacefulness and serenity with it. Weebly doesn’t list this template under any categories, so I guess the template goes for anybody who has a dream of making this world a better place to live (cyberspace might be a good place to start this effort).

Editor’s Advice

Weebly is a great free web host and their free themes and templates are like beautiful icing on a fabulous cake! Their fantastic website builder with cool themes make them a good web hosting choice if you are looking for one right now. No worries, Weebly will be able to host the website you are planning on because simply, Weebly goes well with any types of websites. It has the right tools and the solution to all the meticulous process of building a website. Check them out on their official website!

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