Why BlueHost Web Hosting Rocks

Established in 1996, BlueHost is now the top-rated hosting provider in the world. The company is also one of the top twenty largest web hosting companies and is estimated to host over 1.9 million domains along with its sister companies, HostMonster and FastDomain.

A visit to the BlueHost official web site informs its visitors that the mission of the BlueHost team is pretty simple, and that is to provide the highest level of support in order to help make your site a success. It’s been over a decade since its start-up and this Utah-based company is still growing strong for plenty of foreseeable reasons.

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Why BlueHost Rocks?

First Class Facilities

With headquarters in Provo, Utah, BlueHost facilities include an impressive 50,000 square foot headquarter besides two additional secondary data centers which total up to an extra 20,000 of data center space. All three sites come with UPS power, diesel generators as well as multiple 10 gigabit fiber connections which means that visitors around the world will be able to access websites hosted on BlueHost regardless of the distance or power outage.

The features and advantages of using BlueHost also does not change regardless of where your geographical location is. Each hosting account comes free with a domain name registration. Speaking of registration, BlueHost users also have the privilege of enjoying domain privacy for registered domains which protects the webmasters from spam and scams.

BlueHost also offers unlimited domains on a single account, automatic script and software installation, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts as well as a free site builder with plenty of professional templates.

First Class Technology

BlueHost is one of the rare few web service providers who built their own servers from scratch. The company also has their own nationwide fiber network as well as their very own custom-build Linux kernel in order to optimize each feature for the benefit of BlueHost users.

Surviving the Digg Effect

The Digg effect (also known as the Slashdot effect or slashdotting) is when a super popular website links to a less-popular website. This in return causes exponential increase in traffic flow into the latter website which can cause the site to slow down or worse, inaccessible. A test run of over 17,000 unique visitors who viewed a BlueHost website in one day showed that the server worked just fine, despite the fact that BlueHost is a shared web hosting provider.

Intuitive Software

The cPanel on BlueHost is basically the control panel that enables you to manage your sites and domains easily. Despite the fact that it’s pretty easy to use, cPanel is very powerful and can complete basically any task related to your web hosting account.

Courtesy of SimpleScripts, BlueHost is also the only web hosting provider that offers one-click installation for popular software such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Roundcube, Zencart, phpBB, Magneto and Textpattern.

Free-of-Charge Perks

Upon signing up with BlueHost, you will be awarded USD100 worth of Adword credits which is meant to help you promote your website. Besides enjoying the perk of registering a domain for free, everyone who signs up will also gain access to a free site builder as well.

Experienced Web Hosting Team

Other web hosting providers may offer cheaper products and fancier features, but one thing for sure is that BlueHost comes with an experienced team who is quick to service their clients and is eager enough to provide great service for return businesses. Plenty of US-based companies have outsourced their support team but BlueHost understands that their customers deserve the best help possible, which is why their support staff are all based in the US and are available 24/7 everyday.

There is also plenty of reading material online which anyone can access via the official BlueHost website. Get the latest updates on your server status, report a ticket or get help with starting your website with the company’s Help Centre. Users can also communicate and discuss issues with each other at the online user forum as well.

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Do we recommend BlueHost?

BlueHost web hosting is a great option because it is affordable, dependable and comes with all the latest technology and software that every webmaster needs. Regardless of whether you decide to run a personal blog or if you plan on opening an e-Commerce store, Bluehost is committed to helping you create the best website ever, and that in essence is why this web hosting provider is awesome.

The answer to the question above is a definite “Yes“. We recommend BlueHost for simple reasons above!

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