Why I like cPanel Control Panel

The cPanel control panel is a back end software that website owners log into to access tools that enables them to manage and change the settings of their web hosting account and related services, with ease.

You probably have realized by now that most leading web hosting providers in the world offer cPanel as their preferred hosting control panel. Our top web hosts recommendation, like Bluehost, HostGator, InMotion Hosting and WebhostingHub, too offer the cPanel hosting interface as part of their hosting features.

Bluehost cPanel demo

Check out Bluehost’s control panel in detail. You will be able to try and test the cPanel too!

Over the years, I have used and compared a number of hosting control panels and till today, I still find cPanel is the best. Personally, I find even its nearest competitors, vDeck and Plesk, have a lot of catching up to do like making their software as user-friendly as cPanel’s.

cPanel’s Background

cPanel was established in 1997 and has made history as the world’s first commercial control panel software for web hosting users. Since then, they have expanded their facilities and technology to grow with the Internet and cater to the ever-changing needs and wants of hosting users. This helps them gain the trust of its users as well as hosting providers.


cPanel was initially designed for Linux servers but they had since come out with the Windows server version called Enkompass. This means that regardless of whether you are using Linux-based or Windows-based hosting, cPanel is available. However, you will need to check with your hosting provider whether cPanel is offered with your chosen hosting plan or otherwise.

What’s So Great About cPanel

I bet this was one of the burning questions you have for us right? Well, cPanel has lots of advantages and below are 5 top reasons why I like the cPanel.

  1. User Friendly

    cPanel is very easy to understand and use. Even if you are a beginner, who have little knowledge of web hosting management, you will find it no trouble creating websites and maintain general administration of your websites. And for that matter, even experienced website owners who are unfamiliar with server management will find relevant information and graphical management tools easily accessible in the control panel.

  2. Easy-to-Navigate User Interface

    The cPanel’s user interface is based on icons. This means that navigating around the control panel is as easy as just point-and-click. Important features are identified through icons and these icons are separated into various categories e.g. mail, databases, domains and security. It also provides a separate control panel for different users based on their access rights.

  3. Inexpensive

    There are 2 ways on how we can obtain cPanel. One is to purchase a license directly from cPanel.net. This, however, can be quite costly and these licenses are meant for those with VPS, dedicated server and Cloud Linux.

    The alternate way is to purchase a web hosting plan from a web hosting provider who also offers cPanel as one of their features. This option works out better because it is cheaper as most web hosting providers provide control panels for free and you don’t have to go through the trouble of installing it yourself.

  4. Popular Scripts Installation

    cPanel is also flexible enough to allow 1-click script installers like SimpleScripts, QuickInstall and Fantastico. The installer that you will get depends on your web host.

    Like what its name suggest, these 1-click installer lets you install third party applications easily and automatically into your website. Some of the applications that you can install through these installers include blogging application like WordPress and b2evolution, content management systems like Joomla and e-commerce applications like Zen Cart, PrestaShop and osCommerce.

  5. Updates and Security

    cPanel releases updates quite frequently and updating it is pretty simple. You will be notified of the updates when they are released. This goes to show that the company is concerned of its users’ security. cPanel is in fact one of the most secure and reliable control panel available today.

    If you are on a shared web hosting plan, the web hosting company will update the software for you automatically. You do not need to worry about the updates.

  6. Accessible Anytime Anywhere

    Since cPanel is a web-based web hosting control panel, you are able to access your website via cPanel from all over the world. All you need is Internet and an Internet-accessible device. And as your hosting provider is working 24/7 (they should!), your website is available to you and your visitors anytime too.

Are There Any Disadvantages

Well, the way I see it, cPanel don’t have many disadvantages.

But if you must, then I would say that cPanel may have challenges catering for large organizations’ needs. By large organizations I meant those multi-national and Fortune 500 companies, which probably requires tailor-made control panels. Because of its simplicity and ease of use, cPanel is designed for small and medium sized websites. Thus, that’s also the reason why many hosting providers installed cPanel as their web hosting control panel by default.

Editor’s Notes

cPanel control panel

The above are just a few reasons why cPanel is one of the most widely used software by hosting providers and one that is well accepted by users all over the world. If you are unsure whether cPanel is part of your hosting features, just check under the features listed in your chosen hosting plan.

I do encourage that you subscribe for a hosting provider that offers cPanel. If you would like to give it a test drive, you can do so at Bluehost’s cPanel demo.

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