Why is Bluehost still ranked as the best web hosting company

This year, Bluehost made it to the number one spot of our Top Web Hosting Plans ranking… again. Are we surprised? Nope. In fact, this company has been sitting comfortably at this top spot since 2011.

Bluehost ranked as the best web hosting company

I am sure most of you are aware that Bluehost is a great web hosting provider. But did you know just how good they are? Or why they are rated so highly on 100Webhosting.com?

Why is Bluehost still number one

I have lost count of how many readers (especially those who are new to creating and managing websites) have asked me where to start when they are planning to build a website. I do understand their feelings. Starting a website can be quite stressful at times.

So it’s crucial that you should look for a good web hosting provider who can help you find your way around and hold your hands till you are able to stand on your own feet. Yes, Bluehost is one such web host.

Bluehost hosting

There are many reasons why Bluehost is still number one in 100Webhosting.com. Here are some reasons why we still love Bluehost after all these years:

  1. Very popular web hosting company

    Bluehost is popular, not just on 100Webhosting.com but also with many website owners and bloggers. How popular is Bluehost? Well, based on the statistics, Bluehost is among the top 3 largest in the world in terms of number of domains hosted!

    So, what is it that makes Bluehost so widely accepted?

    Well, one of the reasons is the user-friendliness of their enhanced control panel, cPanel. If you are a newbie, you will find Bluehost’s cPanel easier to navigate and use compared to other web hosts. If you are an advanced user, you will that they have put in a good number of pre-installed applications and scripts (like Ruby on Rails) that will satisfy your requirements.

    Click here to try Bluehost cPanel control panel – enhanced by Bluehost

  2. Versatile

    It is important that the web host’s server, operating system and the network are versatile. We all have different requirements for our websites. Some want to setup blogs, some create e-commerce websites while others maybe just want to have simple online photo galleries.

    The good thing about Bluehost is that it is extremely versatile and can host any types of websites. Bluehost’s server and system are flexible and can work well with various applications like content management systems (e.g. WordPress, Joomla, and CS-Cart shopping cart). That is why even WordPress.org recommends Bluehost.

  3. Affordable

    Bluehost’s regular pricing starts from $6.95 per month. If you were to sign up for a longer period, they will offer you a discount. The longer you sign up for, the bigger the discount. Besides that, you may also notice that they do offer special discounts every now and then.

    But here is some even better news. Bluehost is giving a special discounted price for our readers. Yes, you included! Instead of paying regular price or waiting for a good deal, you will be able to sign up immediately for hosting services from $3.95 per month. If you have been looking around, you will notice that this is the cheapest rate you can find for their Professional Web Hosting service.

    Click here to visit Bluehost.com – the discounted price $3.95/month will be applied automatically!

  4. Money back guarantee

    One thing you don’t get from this company is that you won’t be locked in. Many web hosting companies are more interested to get you to sign up for a few years. They will tempt you with irresistible discounts if you were to sign up for multiple years. However, they do not provide a reasonable refund should you decide to cancel halfway through the plan.

    Bluehost is different. They are not interested in short-term business. Yes, they do offer discounts if you were to pay a few years in advance but they also have a great money back guarantee policy. If you were to cancel within the first 30 days, they will refund you your hosting fees in full (do note that this excludes add-on services like your domain name which is legally owned by you). If you were to cancel after this initial 30 days, you will be refunded for the unused portion of your subscription.

  5. Reliable technology

    For us at 100Webhosting.com, reliability is extremely important when deciding who top our list.

    Did you know that Bluehost build their own servers and data centers? They also use top quality UPS power supply, generators and fiber connections to connect to their customers all around the world? Not many web hosting providers can claim so!

    That is why you seldom see complains about Bluehost’s uptime, unlike Godaddy’s. Sure, there are a few occasions when sites hosted by them were down but these are rare and when it happens, it’s usually for a short period of time only. You definitely get less of the normal website creation challenges like scripts conflict compared to a few other web hosts.

  6. Excellent support

    Another criterion that made us select Bluehost as our top hosting provider is their incredible support. For support, we look into 2 areas i.e. support quality and support channels.

    Their support team is not only professional but also knowledgeable. You will find that your issues can be quickly solved. At the same time, this company provides various ways for you to contact them i.e. phone calls, live chat, email (ticketing) or if you like, self-search through their extensive knowledgebase / help center.

Bluehost compare with other popular web hosts

The features that we have discussed above are great but I can hear some of you wondering how Bluehost fare when compared to other web hosts and how is it better. After all, that’s the reason why they are at the top of the list, because they are comparatively better than others, even if slightly.

So, here’s a quick comparison between Bluehost and a few other popular web hosting providers. Just a quick note to highlight that all these companies are great web hosts (if not, they won’t be on our top 10 list). These comparisons are to show our readers which web hosts provide better value or have more features.

  • Bluehost vs HostGator

    HostGator is a very popular web hosting provider. Their shared web hosting plan is especially liked by bloggers.

    Both Bluehost and HostGator offer similar features and use the user-friendly cPanel control panel. They constantly provide security updates and have great technical support. In fact, HostGator is one of the only 2 web hosts who surpass Bluehost in terms of number of domains hosted!

    If so, why did we rate Bluehost higher? Because Bluehost has a more value-for-money plan. Bluehost’s single flat rate plan start from a special discounted rate of $3.95 per month (when you activate the discount through our link) and applies for unlimited domains.

    Meanwhile, HostGator has 3 different options and the cheapest Hatchling Plan has a similar price as Bluehost’s plan. However, HostGator’s Hatchling Plan only provides hosting for a single domain. In other words, if you were to sign up the Hatchling plan, you can only host one website using your account. But on Bluehost, by paying the same amount of money, you will be able to host 2, 3 and more websites!

    Do the math and you will find that Bluehost offers a more value-for-money plan.

  • Bluehost vs iPage

    iPage is a very popular budget web hosting provider. With prices going down to as low as $1.89 per month, you can’t find another web host who can equal that and provide reliable hosting at the same time!

    iPage also provides unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains hosting, free first year domain name, supports PHP and so forth, just like Bluehost.

    So why isn’t iPage ranked higher than Bluehost? Well, Bluehost fared better for two reasons. First, we have tested both web host and found that Bluehost’s server speed usually is faster. Even though both use Tier-4 world class data centers, the former’s servers are more powerful because they built and designed these themselves.

    Secondly, Bluehost has more advanced features like Shell Access and also provides support for Python, Ruby on Rail and PostgreSQL database which iPage doesn’t.

  • Bluehost vs LunarPages

    LunarPages is quite popular because they offer a variety of hosting and website building products. In fact, they have more hosting options than Bluehost, for example Windows shared hosting and Colocation hosting. Though they had some overselling challenges in 2009, they have since fixed that and performance is pretty reliable now.

    Then, what does Bluehost has that LunarPages doesn’t?

    Well, one thing we felt that Bluehost did better is in its all-in-one plan where there will be no chance for users to get confused with the optional features (and additional charges). LunarPages’ shared Linux hosting plan, on the other hand, is priced from $4.95 per month. They then give you an option to add-on other features like cPanel for $2.00 per month, Shell Access for $2.00 per month, Java/JSP enabled account for $4.95 per month. Bluehost offers these features for free and they are included in your shared hosting plan!

New developments in Bluehost

In early 2013, Bluehost has introduced VPS and dedicated server hosting. These hosting services are integrated to your account and thus, you only need a single login to manage all your accounts.

VPS hosting

  • VPS

    The VPS hosting offers a lot of standard and unique VPS features. The service uses open technology such as Openstack and KVM and is powerful yet user-friendly. The VPS plan is managed which means that Bluehost will be managing and maintaining the server for you. They will make sure all aspects of your server are in tip-top condition, this includes the uptime, root access, security, guaranteed server resources and so on.

    What makes their VPS hosting a better choice than others is their instant provisioning. Basically, this means your VPS server will be setup and ready for you to use in seconds, rather than hours or days.

    There are 4 Bluehost VPS plans. Prices start from $29.99 per month (standard plan) to $119.99 per month (ultimate plan).

    They are currently running a promotion where you get 50% off for the first month. All plans come with one free domain name registration.
  • Dedicated server

    Bluehost’s dedicated server plan is also built on advanced technology that allows subscribers to perform many tasks easily and quickly. Similar to their VPS plan, the dedicated plan too can be instantly provisioned. Yes, this means that your website can immediately be upgraded or moved to a dedicated server and this helps minimize the downtime your website may experience as a result of the moving process. Dedicated server users will also get 100% root access and control over the CentOS server!

    There are 3 packages with prices starting from $149.99 per month (standard) to $249.99 per month (premium). There’s also the current promotion where an automatic 50% discount is given for the first month for all orders placed.

How about in the future?

While I don’t have a crystal ball to tell me what the future would be like, I believe that Bluehost’s services are going to get even better.

Look at the plans that they are offering now. They have only one shared web hosting plan which is so comprehensive that it provides adequate features for the 99% of us, regardless of whether you are planning to start an individual blog or an e-commerce or a corporate website for your organization.

If your website ever outgrows a shared hosting environment, you won’t have to worry either – since Bluehost has introduced VPS and dedicated server plans for those who need more features and resources. You can easily upgrade your plan without having to move your website to another hosting provider.


High quality hosting service, affordable pricing and awesome customer support. Because of these features, Bluehost has been attracting tens of thousands of new customers every month and is trusted by millions of users all around the world. No wonder Bluehost is rated high on many hosting reviewers’ websites, including 100Webhosting.com!

We strongly recommend that you check out Bluehost’s web hosting service. They have a demo login of their control panel, cPanel. Do give it a test and you will see just how easy it is to set up and manage websites.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an experienced webmaster. You’ll find that their plans can be easily adapted to suit your requirements and experiences. For a price as low as $3.95 per month for shared hosting services, that’s really a great deal which you cannot find elsewhere.

On the rare occasion that you find them not suitable, you can choose to cancel your subscription anytime and get your money refunded with their money back guarantee! What is there to lose?