Wix Free Website Builder

If you were like me, you would have dreamt of owning a stunning website that’s impressive to your visitors. And one that doesn’t cost a huge hole in your pocket! But in the past, I had felt that this was tough since beautifully designed websites that works are quite costly and I have limited programming and web design knowledge to create one for myself.

Then I chanced upon Wix, a free website builder which comes with 100% free web hosting. I must admit I was initially skeptical about them. Free website builder that’s feature-rich did sound a little too good. Anyway, I was pretty satisfied with Weebly. But after using Wix for awhile now, I’m happy to report that overall, Wix is an awesome product after all!


Price: Free version is 100% free!
Special: Free site builder with templates, free hosting
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Who is Wix

Founded in 2006, Wix is a website builder that allows you to own stunning websites without requiring any coding or design skills. You have a choice of starting from scratch on empty templates or customize the many ready-to-use websites. The best part is that creating a website can be done using Wix’s drag and drop Web Editor.

Wix first started building websites using Flash. However, as things change, Flash was considered not as useful as it used to be because of mobile incompatibility and not search engine friendly. Hence, Wix launched their new editor i.e. HTML5 Editor. In fact, they are the only drag-and-drop website builder with an HTML5 editor!

Wix websites

In a short period of 6 years, Wix have reached 25 million users, launched an apps market as well as developed WixMobile for mobile website building solution.

Wix’s features

But the features are the point of determination, you say. I totally agree with you. Let’s take a look at Wix’s main features.

Wix features

  • Stunning Templates

    Wix is well-known for their templates. There are over 280 ready-for-edit templates available and counting. The templates are really amazing, creative and cover a wide range of styles. Anyway, if you are the creative type, you can opt to use their blank templates to design your own website.

  • Drag and Drop

    Worried that you would have trouble especially when you have limited programming skills? Don’t be. The drag and drop function allows these templates to be easily customized. Just click on the item or tool that you want and then place it where you want it to be. Pretty intuitive and flexible too!

  • Interactive Pages

    Many of the templates have interactive pages, e.g. image slider. This automatic and/or manual transition makes a lot of difference between a dull and a stunning website. You don’t need coding knowledge to have such impressive functions either as they are incorporated into the templates.

  • Free Hosting

    You get free hosting even for the free plan. Somewhat like an all-in-one hosting solution. Build your website and have it hosted and if you wished, upgraded, all of these can be done through one provider. Note that there’s no pressure for you to upgrade to the premium plans either. Wix is really free!

  • Tons of Apps

    Wix offers tons of powerful apps and services that are both free and charged. You can easily add apps like Tumblr, Instagram Feed, LiveChat, Contact Form and a rating widget. It’s probably one of the most comprehensive app markets for a website builder. Installation is simple and easy too.

  • Professional Support

    Wix’s support is great, from support through email to over the phone. There are also extensive documentation online, video tutorials and also active forums, from where you can find help and advice from Wix users. Their knowledge center is separated into different categories and is packed with step by step guidance. Here, you will find help on topics like how to build a website, add an app, create an online store and improve your website’s SEO.

Find out more about Wix in the following demo video.

Free and Premium plans available

Wix works on the freemium business model. This means that while they provide free website building and web hosting service, they do also offer premium plans. Think of it as an extended free trial before committing to purchase, if you wish to.

Premium plans

These premium plans come with additional features and functionality. There are 4 premium plans that come with top grade free hosting, Google Analytics, 100s of templates, unlimited pages and premium support:

Wix Premium plans


The eCommerce, Unlimited and Combo yearly plans come with great discounts and you will also receive $75 Google AdWords voucher, $50 Facebook vouchers and a free domain name!

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So what kind of websites is Wix build for?

Actually, quite a number. You can find various templates for personal websites, businesses, entertainment, online store, restaurant & hospitality, photography, creative arts, designers, fashion and even Facebook pages too!

Most of the templates are designed with lots of space dedicated for pictures and background images. Which is great since it is flexible enough to allow you to create your unique website. It is also one great way to capture your visitors’ attention. The websites are created by different designers thus resulting in a wide range of designs, which means there definitely is one that suits you!

Wix templates demo

Check out the following website demo with the website builder’s most popular templates. You can start building a website right away with any of the following templates for FREE. Just click on any of these templates to see a full demo site.

Final notes

I do need to point out that the free Wix version does come with some ads. Nevertheless, Wix is very functional and for a free website builder with free web hosting, it offers quite a lot for those who are looking for a reliable and convenient free website solution!

Wix is growing fast and is constantly adding new features. I believe in time to come, they will add more features and improve their technologies and support. So, why not check out Wix today.

Oh, final advice. Remember to use the Wix coupon code to save you some money! 🙂